Keep Using The Potty

18 Jul

While there can be a lot of joy that comes with the companionship of a dog, there can also be some frustrating things as well that comes along with training a dog like a black german shepherd. One of the most frustrating things about training a dog may have to do with potty training, because as many people have learned over the years, keeping your black german shepherd or any other dog for that matter from doing its business inside of your house can be quite the challenge, at least until the dog is properly trained. That is what we are here to take a look at today because what will be following is a grand total of five tips that will make it a lot easier for your dog to do their business outside of the house and not inside the house.

Tip #1: Regular Mealtimes

This is something you should be doing for your dog, no matter what you are training them to do because regular mealtimes allow for your dog to get a routine going of when it will be eating. The way this relates to potty training is that as your black german shepherd eats on a regular schedule, it will also do its business on a somewhat regular schedule as well.

Tip #2: Make Potty Time, All The Time

The one thing you will be learning about most dogs really fast is that they are going to want to go to the bathroom a lot, especially when it comes to urinating. Essentially what tip number two is saying here is that when your dog needs to do its business, let them do it outside each and every time, even if it becomes an inconvenience as times.

Tip #3: Familiarity Is Great

The more you learn about your black german shepherd, the more that you will learn that your dog is an animal of familiarity. That familiarity also includes the dogs wants when it comes to doing its business, so the more familiar you become with your dogs habits, the more familiar you will be both with each other when it comes to just about every task.

Tip #4: Go Out With Your Dog

This is something that a lot of folks do when their black german shepherd is in its puppy years, but tend to do less as the dog grows up. What this tip is saying right here is that when you dog goes outside to drop something on the lawn, you should be out there with them because companionship is the most important thing in the end.

Tip #5: Just Be Supportive

This last one here is something you should always be doing with your dog, no matter what you are doing with or training your pet to do. Which is to simply be supportive of your pet because when your dog knows that you love and care for it, then no matter what the thing does, it knows that it has your full support.