Best Kind Of Dog – Black German Shepherd

There are a lot of great things that people can experience over their lifetimes, such things as the birth of a child, marriage, buying a home, buying a car, owning a business and the such can all be great experiences that people can enjoy over their lifetimes. However, there is one thing that was not mentioned on that first list that can potentially be the greatest experience of them all and that great experience is the companionship of a dog or dogs. With that being said, one of the greatest breeds of dogs that somebody can have as a pet is the breed known as the german shepherd dog. The german shepherd is one of the best breeds of dog to ever exist and as we take this journey down the road of german shepherds, you are going to see why you should be experiencing the companionship of this great creature. So, as our journey begins here, we are going to be starting off where your german shepherd will start off its life, which is at the stage where these dogs are actually puppies. The first thing that you will be noticing about your puppy is that the german shepherd dog is widely considered by many to be a one family dog.

buy black german shepherds dogWhich essentially means that once you pick out your black german shepherd that will be for you or your family, it will become attached to you and your family, which means that in the dogs mind, it will be with your family forever. The point of what is being said here is that black german shepherds or any kind of german shepherd for that matter will not be under the impression that everybody other than its family is as great as your family is because they usually stay loyal to the folks it lives with. The german shepherd is sometimes considered by some folks to be like a golden retriever in that it is friendly with just about everybody who comes near one, but that is not true because a german shepherd is insanely loyal to mostly those it interacts with on a daily basis. This next thing mainly has to do with whether or not the family who has a german shepherd is also the parents of some children, so be forewarned here. That thing is that german shepherds, especially when they are still in the puppy stage, have a tendency to try and bite the children, albeit not to hard, because they are attempting to do so in a playful manner, the good thing is that they will grow out of this phase as they grow up.

The next thing to consider about german shepherd dogs is that these breeds of dos are naturally shy dogs. The best way to quickly eliminate all shyness from this dog is to quickly acclimate it with both the people it is going to be interacting with on a daily basis and by also acclimating it with the space is which it will be living as well, this will do the trick to get rid of shyness from your pet. There is something that is quite funny about what happens when your black german shepherds shyness goes away and that is that the dog will be involving itself in just about every aspect of your life. This can either be a great thing or a very annoying thing based on the personality of each member of your family, but it is something to keep in mind as your family engages in this adventure with a german shepherd.

This next thing that you are going to be warned about here is something that happens with the majority of dogs, but it should be noted at here because one of those majority of dogs includes german shepherds. That quick thing that a german shepherd does that the majority of other dogs do as well is the shedding of fur, in which german shepherds are one of the biggest violators when it comes to the shedding of fur. Those things we have been talking about may make you a little apprehensive about experiencing the companionship of a german shepherd, but that it not why these last few paragraphs were written, the reason they were written is that when a good portion of folks purchase a dog of any breed, they expect nothing but happy and joyful times from the first second they are united until the last second they are companions. The truth is that if you are going to be giving a dog, again a dog of any breed, there are a plethora of amazing experiences that you are going to have with a dog or dogs, but there is also a lot of work that has to be put in as well, which should not be ignored either.

With that minor rant out of the way, we are going to be focusing next on something that is a truly important thing to be looking at when you make the decision to get a german shepherd as a pet, which is the choice of either going through adoption or through a breeding service. We are going to break this down into two sections, which will be the proper steps to adopt your dog and the proper steps to go through the breeding services to get a dog, let us begin with the adoption process. Step number one to adopting a puppy, preferably a german shepherd, is to call your local adoption shelter and schedule an appointment to speak to a member of that shelter. Then you show up for your appointment and start interacting with those dogs, this way you will see which is the most compatible with you and your family. The most boring part of the process is next as you will have to fill out some paperwork, it may be a boring process, but it is a necessary process to be done.

Assuming the adoption process is a success, you will then want to prepare your home for your new friend and prepare a special area that your dog can call its own. Now, some people will decide to take their dog straight to a veterinarian upon leave the animal shelter to make sure the dogs health is up to par, this is an optional step, but it is an option you should definitely be taking advantage of. The final step for the adoption process is the best step of them all, which is to take your brand new dog or puppy home and get ready for that life changing moment of companionship with your new friend. So, that is the adoption process and now we are going to change the pace here a little bit as we take a look at the steps that somebody must take in order to get a dog through a breeder. This process is a little more complicated when compared to the adoption process, but a lot of families go this route for getting the perfect family dog and it is definitely something to be considered. The first part of this process can be done without even leaving your house, which is to find a list of reputable breeders that are local to where you live.

Once you comprise a list of local breeders, then you need to get on the phone and contact them all to schedule some meeting times. Now, the next thing that is going to be listed is an optional one, but before you actually meet with any breeders, you can talk to other folks you may know who have gotten their dog through a breeder, which is a great way to weed through the good breeders and the terrible breeders. The next thing you should be doing is finally meeting all the breeders, with a quick piece of advice being to ask as many questions as you can to the breeders, because the best of the best in the breeding universe will be able to give you up front and honest answers to each question you can potentially ask. You can return to the home front for the next step because that next step is that you take in all the information that each breeder your family spoke to and alongside your family, you all make the decision of which breeder your dog will be bred from.

Now, once you have made that decision of which breeder your family is going with, your family will then spend lots of time filling out lots of paperwork before making payments on any potential fees, the fees will vary depending on the breeder. Now, once the paperwork has been filled out and all necessary fees have been paid, patience will be a key thing next because you have to wait for the breeder to get some dogs to get their business done and thus, your brand new puppy will be born. The final steps will be to prepare your homestead from the arrival of your puppy and after two months time, take your puppy or puppies home for the greatest experience of your life. The one thing to consider and remember when you are deciding whether or not to get your german shepherd through an adoption service or through a breeder, just remember that when the process is complete, no matter with process you choose, you and your families lives are going to be changing forever as your families brand new lovable friend enters your lives. We are now going to be changing our focus to something that can affect each and every dog that has ever existed anywhere, which is the safety of your furry friend.

So, what will be following next will be a list of sorts, which are going to be fifteen safety tips that apply to your dog, so let us begin with number one.

#1: If Your Dog Can Reach It, It Will Get It

This first piece of safety advice is that if there is something you cherish in your household and your pet can find a way to get it, it will, so do the right thing and make sure that anything you cherish cannot be grabbed by a pet, because the end result will not be good for your dog or for your cherished items.

#2: Always Walk Your Dog With A Leash

This is something that every pet owner should know before even owning a pet, which is that whenever you walk you dog outside of your house, always make sure the pet is attached to a leash. One of the worst experiences that a pet owner can go through is losing a pet or when your lose pet gets away and potentially gets killed, both experiences are quite terrible.

#3: No Unattended Pets

This next safety tip kind of goes along with step number two, which is to never leave your dog or any pet for that matter unattended outside of the property because it will most likely run away or get snatched up before you ever have a chance to retrieve them.

#4: No Plastic Bottles

There is one common thing that a lot of pet owners will allow their dog to do and that is that they will allow their german shepherds to chew on a plastic bottle. This is actually a bad thing for you to allow your furry pal to do because the shredded bits of plastic can get in the dogs stomach, which will then shred the internal organs of your friend and in turn, will cause a lot of health issues that never had to happen in the first place.

#5: Keep Things Out Of The Kennel

If you ever take your furry friend to a professional pet kennel, you will notice how clean each kennel is and how there is nothing near those kennels that the pet can grab. That same rule should be applied to the kennel in your home because it will astound you when your pet grabs something you did not think was reachable by the pet, then drags it into the kennel and that can cause a host of new problems or issues.

#6: A Different Seat Belt

A lot of people assume that when they take their pets on trips in a car, that securing your pet during the trip with the cars seat belt is the best way to go. That is a huge misconception because there are things out there known as doggie seat belts that work wonders and have saved many dogs lives over the years, so go with that seat belt over the traditional car seat belt.

#7: Teach Basic Obedience

This next safety tip is another one of those tips that somebody should be doing with their pet, no matter what kind of pet they have. That thing is to be teaching that pet basic obedience, this is not to say you must turn your dogs or other pets into mindless zombies that follow every little command, but they should be taught enough that you do not have to worry about them every second of every day.

#8: No Children Versus Dog Fights

This one is more dependent on who you want to be keeping alive in the end, your children or your dogs. What this safety tip means is that you should not let your children handle your pets in a rough manner, because your dog could respond in a negative way and that could severely harm your child, or your child can overpower and severely injure your dog, so play it safe and train your child to take care of your dog in the best manner possible.

#9: Check The Toys Regularly

Assuming you are somebody who buys your dog some toys to play with, then you should pay attention to what is said next. That is to make sure you regularly check the condition of your dogs toys, because the condition of your dogs toys can vary and if they become dangerous for them to play with and that goes unchecked, you may wind up doing harm to your companion.

#10: Have A High Food IQ

Much like every other living creature in this magnificent world of ours, your dog is going to be eating food on a daily basis.So, if you want to help ensure that your german shepherd or a dog of any kind has a long and healthy life, you will want to avoiding feeding your dogs low quality food and feed the dogs some high quality food.

#11: Prepare A First Aid Kit

If you take a walk to just about any house or building just about anywhere in the world today, you will see a first aid kit or two hanging around somewhere, those kits are all designed to help the humans that inhabit this world. However, black german shepherds and other dog breeds can get into medical danger as well, which is why it is crucial to have a pet related first aid kit as well, so when your furry friend is in danger, they can get medical treatment as well.

#12: Keep Your Dog Tagged

The humans that are of an adult age have to carry around some form of identification on them as they explore this world and guess what folks, dogs and other pets for that matter need identification as well. So, ensure that your dog is always identified in case they go missing or for any other reason, the best way to do that is to put the identification on a dog collar and never, ever remove it.

#13: It’s Cool To Let Your Dog Swim

One of your dogs favorite activities to do may be to take a dip in the cool water, much like us humans like to do as well. However, dogs and us humans also have another thing in common when it comes to swimming, which is that we both will get tired as time passes by, so just be aware of your dogs limits in the water and make sure they are in the water and they are enjoying themselves, not on their way to drowning.

#14: Work On Your Communication Skills

This one is very similar to the training tip we gave earlier in this piece, number seven to be exact, but the difference with what we are saying here is that you should also teach your dog some verbal commands as well, which can come in handy when your dog is in an unsafe situation.

#15: Have A Plan Ready

Emergencies can strike your german shepherds in the same way they can strike humans, so the last safety tip we are giving away here is to have an emergency plan ready. An emergency plan should contain important phone numbers and addresses to various veterinarians, plus having a dog medical kit nearby and next to that plan is a good thing to be doing as well.

So, there you have it folks, a grand total of fifteen must follow safety tips that you need to follow to ensure that the life of your german shepherds are of the highest quality, because keeping your dog safe is one of the most important things you can ever be doing. At this point in this piece that you have probably been reading for a long time now, we have taken a look at some things to be forewarned about before getting german shepherds, the steps to properly adopt your dog, the steps to go through a breeder to get your family companion and finally, fifteen safety tips to keep your dogs safe, so you may be wondering just what is left to talk about when it relates to this topic. The next topic we are going to be looking at may not have to do with the dog that you and your family share your house with, but it can affect not just dogs, but all kinds of pets and that is the abuse of pets.

Sadly, there is one huge fact that people who own and do not own pets all have strong feelings, which is the abuse of pets and animals of all kinds. It is practically impossible to watch a television show nowadays without seeing a commercial about the abuse that a good portion of animals suffer on a daily basis by an astoundingly high amount of seemingly stupid people in this world. While it is incredibly frustrating to think about this terrible situation, we are going to shrink this down a little bit and discuss what you should do if somebody in your neighborhood is abusing there pets. So, assuming that you recognize that there is somebody in your vicinity that is abusing their german shepherd or animal of any kind, the best thing you can do is to place a safe, but anonymous call to the local authorities and give them the location of where the abuse is taking place, then the authorities can check out the situation and save any pets that are being abused. While it is practically impossible to protect every single animal in this world from abuse, you can try and do your part to keep as many animals as safe as you possibly can.

It is now time to move back into the realm of happiness and positive thoughts when it comes to dogs, which is some healthy activities you can do with your german shepherds to keep them active, plus you can stay active as well. Now, you may be wondering before we give you a list of activities here about just how many we can list, well folks, there are a ton of them and now the warning comes, grab a drink and sit back, get ready to read because this list is huge.

Here we go folks, a list of activities that you can do with your german shepherd includes taking your furry friend for a walk, give your dog a birthday celebration, go shopping at a store that allows pets, go camping for a few days, take a nice drive around town, dress up your dogs in halloween costumes and take them trick or treating, sign your dog up for a parade, take naps with your dogs, play games like hide and seek with your black german shepherds, travel out of state with your furry pal, go to the beach, swim in a lake with your dog, have a spa day with your pet, take your dog to a dog park, take your pet of a doggie play date with a friends dog, take your dog on a bike ride with them in a carrier, go bikejoring with your doggie, go on a boat ride with your pal in tow, go on a hike with your pet, trim your nails and your dogs nails at the same time, do a yoga session with your friendly pet, take a jog with your pal, take your doggy to a baseball field and let them run free, sing along with your puppy, dance with your german shepherd, let your puppies run through a sprinkler, let your pal run in leaf piles, let your furry companion run in the snow, teach your pets some awesome tricks, play fetch with your companion, play a game of tag, play keep away with your pet, play tug of war with your shepherd, create and let your dog run through an obstacle course and guess what folks, there are many more activities that can be listed here, but there are a few more things to discuss before this piece comes to a close.

There is one more huge topic that needs to be discussed as we are coming closer to the end of our overview of germans shepherds. That one last huge topic that we are going to be featuring here is the act of getting your dog tagged with an electronic tag. This is something that has been gaining more and more momentum with each passing day because the electronic tags have proven to be a hugely successful method for finding both lost or stolen dogs. The best thing is that getting your dog tagged in really safe for your dog, which is proven by the fact that this process can be handled by just about every veterinarian and qualified employee of a high end pet store can actually get the process done. If there was a sixteenth safety tip that could have been listed above in the safety tips that you were reading earlier, it would be to get your dog electronically tagged because this method has proven to be one of the most, if not the most, successful way to once again, locate your lost or stolen dog.

This piece you have been reading here today about german shepherds has featured literally tons and tons of information, which can be a lot to thing about and go through, but the reason behind the fact that there is so much information about german shepherds in this piece is like was stated earlier…having a german shepherd as a lifelong companion can become one of the greatest experiences that somebody can have throughout their lives, but keeping the dog safe and happy takes a lot of work, sometimes hourly work, so while having the dog around will be extremely rewarding, it takes a truly responsible person to get everything done. To be truly fair here, you can walk into just about any shelter right now and adopt just about any breed of dog that you really want, but there is no breed of dog that will give you a more rewarding experience that what a german shepherd will give. To close out this piece, one more thing will be said and that one more thing is this…german shepherds are amazing dogs and as you stop reading this in a few seconds, you have one more thing to do, go out and get your companion right now.