Who Made This Crap?

18 Jul

If you are somebody who owns a black german shepherd or any other kind of dog, then you and everybody else who owns a dog has one thing in common, that you and everybody else has lots of toys or accessories or both for your dogs to enjoy. However, not all of the toys or accessories for your dogs have been the stuff of genius, some of them have been downright stupid or beyond dumb. The rest of this piece you are about to be reading will be taking a look a five of the stupidest things ever created for dogs and believe me folks, there are some truly stupid items on this list.

Item #1: Rear Gear

This item was created several years back and when you here what this thing does, you will not be shocked about why it has failed. Rear gear is essentially an item that you would place over the butt hole of your black german shepherd or any other dog, so that those who were looking at your furry pal would not have to see his butt hole. This item, beyond being just ridiculously stupid, would cause lots of issues for your dog, especially when it was time for your dog to do it’s business.

Item #2: Puppoose

Besides just having a truly stupid name for an item, it is essentially a duplicate of a product that many families already use for their newborns. This item essentially allows your dog to be strapped to your body in the same manner in which a baby can be strapped to a parent, but a dog is not a baby and everybody knows that.

Item #3: The Poop Trap

If you are a fan of catching your doggies poop with your bare hands, then this product is something you should be thinking about. This item was essentially an elaborate object that is strapped to the backside of your puppy, when it is attached to your puppy, it catches the poops as they fall out of your dogs backside.

Item #4: Pet Peeker

There is a reason that folks who have furry friends have a fenced in back yard and sometimes, a fenced in front yard, with that reason to keep your dog on your property. The Pet Peeker is a device that acted as a window that bubbled out from the fence, which in theory, would give your dog a better view of what is going on beyond the fences of their house.

Item #5: Hot Doll For Dogs

We have saved the best for last folks, but be forewarned before we advance on here and that warning is that if their is an underage child, you may not be wanting them to read any further. The Hot Doll For Dogs is essentially a sex doll for dogs, so uf you have a dog with an insatiable lust for the poon tang, then you need to buy this for your dog and you need to leave your dog alone for long periods of time as well.