How To Choose The Best Dog Treats For Long-Lasting Canine Health

You certainly wouldn’t feed a toddler gummy bears all day long and expect this youngster to maintain his or her oral and overall health. This is something that’s definitely worth bearing in mind when choosing dog treats. The best dog treats for your beloved canine companion will do more that please your pooch’s palate. Top dog treats can actually promote cleaner teeth, fresher breather, better digestive balance and more. In fact, some of the top dog treats are even rich with probiotic ingredients that enhance the gut flora with beneficial, life-supporting bacteria. Following are a few points to remember the next time you set out in search of a dog bone or special, dog cookies.

Natural Dog Treats

Healthy Dog TreatsMost pet owners love their animals just as much as they love their own children. This is good reason to be a discerning shopper and to diligently read product ingredients before putting any puppy treats in your physical or virtual shopping cart. Much like healthy food for humans, healthy treats for dogs are comprised entirely of fresh, unadulterated and wholly recognizable ingredients. If you’re on the lookout for peanut butter dog treats, look for options that contain freshly ground peanuts, rather than peanut flavoring or the ever ubiquitous dog treat addition; “natural flavoring”. This will give your dog the yummy taste and beneficial proteins found in actual peanut butter, without exposing him or her to any highly refined and less than beneficial additions.

Finding Healthy Dog Treats That Taste Good To Your Pet

Delicious is a very subjective word. If you have multiple dogs, you may find that some of your pets like a specific type of dog treat, while others consistently turn their noses up at this same flavor or brand. When testing a new treat out, make sure to buy a modest amount first. This is especially important if shopping online. You’d hate to spend top dollar on something over the web, only to have this go to waste or spend days dealing with complex exchange or return policies.

To start with, pay attention to the flavors that your dog likes best in his or her regular foods. If chicken liver is a big favorite, look for a flavored dog bone that is designed to taste just like chicken liver. If your animal hates peas and carrots, try to veer away from treats that strongly features these flavors. What works well in one area of your dog’s diet, will probably work equally well in another. This is an easy way to find the best dog treat in terms of overall pet satisfaction.

Consider Tooth Health

Much like humans, dogs can get seriously sick as the result of unmanaged gum disease and tooth decay. Poor oral care and an unhealthy diet are two of the most common causes of serious canine health issues. Cracked, chipped or rotting teeth can make your animal ill-tempered and generally under the weather. Moreover, once local infections become systemic and spread to other parts of the body, a whole host of health problems can ensue. Bear this in mind when you go shopping for treats. A truly healthy dog treat will not only minimize the risk of tooth decay, but it can actually prevent it.

These are treats that actually clean the teeth and kill bacteria. Some can even assist in remineralizing your pet’s choppers by supplying whopping doses of key minerals. Moreover, your puppy will have fresh, healthy breath at all times. While brushing will remain a critical part of dog grooming, tossing a few germ fighting or remineralizing treats your dog’s way in-between brushes can help keep serious problems at bay.


Probiotics are sometimes available in these products. These restore the beneficial bacteria that live in the gut. Countless environmental factors can kill these important organisms off, which can result in digestive upset, chronic digestive issues and even behavioral problems. Antibiotics, pesticides and common household chemicals are just a few of the contributing factors that your animal may have been exposed to. When choosing a treat that offers digestive support, however, all of the usual rules apply. Look for fresh, natural and recognizable ingredients along with a diverse array of beneficial bacterial strains.

Whole Food Ingredients

It is important for pet owners to note the difference between whole food ingredients and mere byproducts or food fractions. Dogs often wind up getting the scraps of food production for humans that offer limited nutritional benefits and that may even cause more harm than good. If ingredients are listed as having been reconstituted, avoid these products. Not only will they have far fewer nutritional benefits, but there is also a much higher likelihood of these being adulterated or contaminated.

Finally, make sure to use good judgement when passing puppy treats out. No matter how healthy they are, they are not meant to take the place of regular and balanced meals. More importantly, animal lovers should never count on these products to help their pets maintain overall nutritional balance or avoid nutritional deficiencies.