Keep Your Dog Stylish And Safe With The Perfect Dog Collar

Part of keeping your dog safe is making sure they have a properly fitting dog collar. The best dog collars will help you leash your pet, provide a place to hang their name and your contact information and fit snugly enough to prevent escaping the collar without choking your dog. Today’s manufacturers offer a wide range of pet collars to make choosing the perfect size and style easier than ever before. No matter how large or small your dog is, you can easily find a collar that fits your best friend perfectly.

Best Dog CollarsSome dogs are a bit hesitant to wear a collar at first and so they may scratch at the collar, try to paw it off or sit and look despondent over their new accessory. No matter how much they may object at first, getting your dog used to wearing a collar is absolutely essential to their safety and security. The best way to get your dog accustomed to wearing a collar is to introduce a collar to your pal when they are small. Puppy collars are made to fit a puppy’s small but rapidly growing neck and are easily adjustable and expand up to several inches to allow for growth. The adjustable nature of puppy collars helps you to get a snug, secure fit from the moment you first bring your new friend home.

Start by letting your puppy wear the collar for small periods of time every day, increasing the amount of time your puppy wears it daily. Soon, your puppy will become accustomed to their collar and you can leave it on them around the clock. As your puppy grows, you can slowly adjust the collar to make it larger and ensure puppy’s comfort. Be sure you check the fit of your puppy’s collar frequently and that you are able to easily slip two fingers under the collar. If you cannot easily get two fingers under the collar, it is too tight and needs to be adjusted. A collar that is too tight is not only uncomfortable, it can make it difficult for your dog to eat or drink. Tight collars can also cause sores and prolonged wear of a too tight collar can cause hair loss or in extreme cases, become embedded in the skin of your dog’s neck leading to pain, infection and other completely preventable health problems.

For training purposes, a martingale collar is a good choice. Designed to humanely tighten around your dog’s neck and prevent escape when they pull or tug their leash, these collars train and help you control your dog without hurting them. Unlike pinch collars that can pierce or puncture your dog’s skin, a martingale dog collar uses a smooth chain to tighten when pulled. The tightening action reduces your dog’s instinct to pull the leash and allows you to train them to heel and be well behaved while walking on a leash. Martingale collars are not intended to be used to tie dogs outside on a runner or other lead and doing so could cause severe damage or death to your dog. Martingale collars are designed for training and walking purposes only. If you intend to use a collar for securing your dog in the yard, you should use a collar with a quick release snap buckle. Never leave your dog tied out and unattended for long stretches of time and while they are outside make sure they have plenty of fresh, clean water.

There are numerous collars for dogs that do more than just keep your dog safe and secure, they also allow you to show off your dog’s style and personality. Personalized dog collars are a fun way to give your dog a fashionable look and help them stand out from the pack. Collars with patterns, team mascots, stripes, polka dots, studs, rhinestones and even collars with little bow ties or three dimensional flowers are fun and adorable for your dog to wear. You can even get personalized collars that have your dogs name and your phone number woven into the fabric so there is never any worry that their ID tag will get lost and make it difficult for someone to help reunite you and your dog should you get separated. A dog collar with name identification woven into it is a very smart idea for dogs who are extremely active and seem to lose their tags easily. A dog collar with name identification interwoven also eliminates the need for dangling tags that can jingle jangle all hours of the day and night anytime your dog runs, scratches or plays.

Leather dog collars are a sharp looking way to keep your dog safe and offer durability and longevity. Leather dog collars soften and conform to your dog’s neck with wear and are a great choice for dogs who are resistant to wearing a collar. The soft, supple leather is comfortable around your dog’s neck and only gets softer and more comfortable with extended wear. Leather collars are perfect for personalizing with engraved name plates. These nameplates have your dog’s name and your contact information engraved on them and they affix securely to the leather collar. Engraved nameplates not only look upscale and regal, they do not clink and jingle while your dog moves and they will not come off with rough play or on excursions through rough terrain. Nameplates are secured with rivets directly into the leather collar and stay secured in place even when worn by extremely active dogs. The rivets are smooth and rounded so they will not scratch, pinch or puncture your dog’s skin.

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