You’re An Odd One

18 Jul

One of the best reasons to experience the companionship of a black german shepherd or any other dog for that matter is to see just what kind of odd things your furry friend will do. That can be said because much like us human beings, dogs have their odd quirks about them and when you discover which ones that your dog or dogs have, it can make your experience with them that much more interesting. However, not everybody’s dog is the same and some may have some odd quirks that others do not have. So, what you are going to be reading is a top six list (odd number to go with…huh!) of some off quirks that some dogs out there have been discovered to having, is any of the following quirks something that your black german shepherd has?

#1: Hiding The Valuables

Now, it is nothing strange for a dog to bury something in the back yard, but it is a completely different scenario when your dog hides your thousand dollar gold necklace and you cannot find it.

#2: That’s An Odd Bed

Much like us human beings, dogs need a place to sleep as well and while there are many awesome dog beds around, your dog may be one of the odd ones that makes a bed out of a pile of dirty clothes, a pile of newspapers or some other odd objects.

#3: You Were Swimming Where?

You and your black german shepherd have a lot of things in common, with swimming being one of them, but dogs just like to swim and stay cool, which is why swimming in a clean source of water may not be the only place they actually swim at…how about a dirty pond everyone?

#4: That’s Puzzling

This one may be a head scratcher for you, but researchers have found that dogs love to watch their owners do puzzles, so next time you are learning for some stimulation for your dog, a puzzle may be the way to go.

#5: A Loner Eater

Taking your dog to a restaurant may not be the smartest move for a wide variety of reasons, but one of the most important may be that some dogs like to eat in private, your dog may be one of them.

#6: Frozen Treats

In the last few years, the explosion in popularity of frozen treats for your black german shepherd has made them practically impossible to ignore, is your dog going to follow the trend and eat some of these frozen specialties or will he stay traditional by eating those good old fashioned treats?

Now that the top six list is complete, you may be thinking that your dog may do one of more of those things on the list. However, there is no need to be worrying because your dog is not a strange dog or nothing, your dog is just unique…uniquely yours and I am willing to bet that your not changing your dog for anything.