Time For Some Traveling

18 Jul

If you are somebody who is like me, then we have to hugely important things in common, we both enjoy the companionship of dogs and we both like to travel. With that being said, taking your black german shepherd or whatever kind of furry friend you have on a trip with you can make the experience all that more enjoyable. That is what we are here to talk about in this piece today, which is the five places that you can go with your dog, some may seem odd and some may be awesome, but in the end…these are places you need to go with your doggy friend.

Place #1: Outdoor Shopping Mall

Depending on the outdoor shopping malls policy, you may not be able to bring your black german shepherd into any of the actual stores. However, you can most likely walk them around outdoors, which will give you a chance to at least look around at stuff that you would like to buy while your dog gets a chance to walk around and enjoy the outdoor air.

Place #2: Splash Pads

Before we even look into why a dog would love this trip, let us define what a splash pad is and a splash pad is an outdoor location where streams of water shoot up from the ground at timed intervals. After hearing that description of a splash pad, you should really have no problem wondering why a dog would have the time of their lives at that place.

Place #3: Pet Bakery

This one is truly going to be a hard one to accomplish because a pet bakery is not something that everybody has where they live. However, if and your furry friend are lucky enough to have one of them where you two live, then head over there because you will have lots of fun and your dog will walk away with some delicious treats.

Place #4: Baseball Game

You read that header and the first thing you are probably thinking is how crazy it would be to take your black german shepherd to a Major League Baseball (MLB) game. That is not necessarily what is being suggested here, taking your dog to a baseball game of any size would be a blast for the dog and for yourself as well, especially if you are a baseball fan like me.

Place #5: Fast Food Drive Thru

Unfortunately, this piece you are currently reading is not a piece about the potential dangers of fast food, so we will not be going that route here. There are folks out there like myself who still enjoy a little fast food from time to time, with that being said, taking your friendly dog on the trip with you and treating them to a few french fries is not the worst idea ever. Just remember that your dog is a fan of traveling like you are, so you may want to hunt down a few places that were not on this list either.