My Dog Is Missing

18 Jul

There are a plethora of great memories and moments that you can have with your black german shepherd or whatever breed of dog you call your own, but there are some bad things that can happen to that dog as well. One of the worst things that can happen to you and your dog is that you dog goes missing, which is a terrible thing to have to goo through. However, just because you cannot find your dog does not mean that all hope is lost, because what will be following here are some tips that can help you find your lost pal. Now, before we move on here with those tips, just a quick word of warning and that quick word is that we will be focusing completely on what happens if you lost or cannot find your dog, not a kidnapping because kidnapping would involve way to many factors to be talked about in this piece.

Tip #1: Ask Members Of The Family

This one only works if you have other family members that live with you at your home, but if you do have some who live with you, start asking them about the last time they saw your black german shepherd or whatever dog you have.

Tip #2: Trying Drawing Your Dog Out

Whether you use your pets favorite toy or by using some food, try drawing your dog out because the dog may just be hiding and may also need a little encouragement to come on out.

Tip #3: Do A Hardcore Search

This may be one of the most crucial steps in the entire list because this one means that you need to search in every little nook and cranny in your house, even places you do not believe your dog can actually be in because everything is fair game when your pal goes missing.

Tip #4: Call For Your Dog

This one is where you use your voice to its highest peak because this is where you travel both inside and outside while yelling, screaming or doing anything you can to attract your dog to you.

Tip #5: Try Looking Outside

We touched upon this just a tad in tip four, but if you cannot find your pal inside of your home, you must start taking the search to the outside of the home.

Tip #6: Your Pet Has A Name

This one applies a lot to tip four as well, which is when you are looking for your pet and you are calling out for them, try using the pets name as much as you possibly can, that will make it easier for your pet to recognize your voice as well.

Although there are lots and lots of other ways to be tracking down your missing friend, this was just a bunch of tips to get you traveling down the right path to find the dog, but when it comes to finding your furry friend, use all the means you can because reuniting with your pal is the end goal that everybody wants.