Different Types Of Dog Beds

Dogs like to sleep a lot. Some dogs can sleep almost 16 hours a day. The duration of sleep depends on the dog’s breed, age, temperature and activity. You have to provide a good bed to your dog so that it sleeps comfortably. It will not feel stressed after getting good sleep. When searching for the best dog beds, you have to take into account several factors including your dog’s breed, size, preferences, routine, activities as well as other factors like environmental conditions of your region. A dog bed can refer to a simple mat, a foam mattress bed or a furniture bed. These dog beds are available in various options in terms of thickness, size, material, cushioning material, design, style, color and feel.

Soft Dog Bed

Large Dog BedsYou are likely to prefer a soft bed for your dog if you are not aware of different types of beds for dogs. You may think your dog is also going to love the soft and thick cushion because you also love such a bed. However, it is not always true. Soft bed can be a good choice for some types of dogs and in some locations but it is not always the right choice. The problem with a soft bed is that it can feel hot during the summer. Your dog may prefer the cool tile floor and avoid the soft bed. These soft dog beds are still suitable for some types of dogs and in some conditions.

Super Soft Beds

This bed is similar to what you use for yourself, except that it is a small size bed designed for a dog. It provides extra cushion and support to the dog. It is a 6-7 inch thick bed made with foam mattress. With this much height, the dog can avoid the uncomfortable effects of a drafty door and hard floor. Your dog can sleep on its sides and belly while keeping the legs tucked in or spread out.

Lounge Bed

It has more softness compared to the foam mattress bed. This type of bed provides very soft spot for your dog to lie down and fall asleep. It is available in classic round and square designs. These dog beds offer lots of room for your dog to stretch out. The high cushion support provides soft feel to your dog.

Dog Sofa

Do you often find your dog sprawled out on your sofa? Then it is time to buy it a dog sofa. This type of bed is very soft and the dog will almost nestle inside it. It will find this bed very protective and relaxing due to supportive high walls on the sides. It can sleep in security and peace surrounded in the soft fluffy cushion.

Thin and Soft Dog Beds

It is similar to a mat or rug but with soft material and suitable for your pet dog. It is not too soft and there is no chewing temptation for the dog. A good thing about this type of bed is that you can clean such beds easily. You can use these cheap dog beds on both sides. The dog is less likely to urinate to mark it. This type of bed remains cool even during the summer months. However, it does not provide high level of cushioning for the joints of the dog. This same variety of mat type bed is used in steel frame elevated dog beds.

Elevated Dog Beds

It is designed to keep the dog lifted off the floor. These beds are available in a variety of furniture options. You can find a dog bed with simple steel frame, or in simple or extensive wooden frame. The elevated wooden bed provides uniform and strong support because there is hard flat base underneath the soft bed. It does not get hot and stuffy during the summer months. This is an advantage during the winter months as well when the floor feels cold. The air keeps passing under the bed and provides relief during the summer season. Elevated beds with steel frame and dog mattress can be used indoors or in the backyard. It is a useful and durable item. There are many online sellers that offer such dog beds for sale.

Custom Beds for Dogs

You can get your dog bed made by a local furniture maker. You may need this type of customization if you want a special design bed for your dog according to special requirements and preferences. You may want your dog to stay and sleep beside your bed. You may want extra features that cannot be found in standard dog beds available in stores. All such customization is possible with a custom dog bed. You can customize not only the dog furniture but also the soft bed and cover.

Cool Water Dog Beds

You can use a cool bed that uses water to keep the dog cool during the summer months. One problem with this type of bed is that water can leak from the seams. The dog may like to chew its plastic or the tab that is used to close the water hole. You also need to clean it properly both inside and under the bed to avoid germs and mold. In another design, cooling gel is used to keep the bed cool. Some dogs may need training before they get used to cool dog beds.

Heated Dog Beds

These beds are very useful for sick dogs, older dogs, dogs with joints problem and dogs recovering from a surgery. This type of bed requires a power source and you have to be careful. Your dog may try to chew the power cord. Another option is to use a blanket. Dog blankets should be used for dogs that sleep outside during the cold season.

Consider all these factors and information when buying pet beds for your dogs. Some dogs are very large in size and you have to search large dog beds for them. If your dog is still a puppy, look for puppy beds. However, keep in mind that some breeds of dogs grow very large within a few months. When buying a bed for such a puppy, choose a bed that is slightly larger than its present size. Dog pillows can be placed on the bed to provide extra comfort. You can easily order all types of dog beds online from dog.com website.