Dog’s Need Pills Too

18 Jul

There are lots of great things you can do with your dog, such thing as playing fetch, swimming in a pool, going on a drive or just about anything else you can come up with. However, there are certain times when you are going to have to be doing stuff with your black german shepherd or any other dog for that matter that will not be that much fun. One of those things is to get your furry friend to take pills, which a lot of dogs will have to take when dealing with medical issues. Anybody who has ever had to give a dog a pill knows that it can be a really big challenge to do so, so what will be following here is a few tips that may make it a little easier to trick your furry friend into taking those much needed pills.

Trick #1: Hide The Pills In Food

This is a trick that is as old as time, but it is the trick that probably works the must when it comes to this scenario. This trick also works best when the pill or pills are put in wet food, because it is much easier to hide the pills in the wet food when compared to dried food. Another kind of little trick that may work with the food thing is to hide the pills in slices of meat, like bologna or ham, which is a trick I have been using for a long time now.

Trick #2: Crushing The Pill

This is something that humans have been doing for a long time with their pills and now it can be transferred to your black german shepherd, or whatever dog you have. The pill for your doggy can be crushed and dumped into a bowl of wet food, which is something we have already talked a little about in trick number one.

Trick #3: Playing Some Mind Games

This one may be one of the hardest to pull off, because it depends on two huge factors, which are how good of an actor you are an how susceptible your dog is. This trick will see you pretend that you are taking your dogs pill and enjoying it, which if your dog buys your performance, will hopefully take the pill without incident by itself.

Trick #4: Pushing The Pill

This one is the last trick we will be taking a look at, but it could also be the hardest one to pull off, so be forewarned before you continue on here. This last trick will see you forcibly open the mouth of your dog, then when the dogs mouth is open enough, you toss the pill down the dogs throat. This one takes a lot of finesse and skill because you do not want to hurt your dog or make him choke on the pill, so when it comes to this plan right here, just make sure you are as careful as you can possibly be.