Dog’s Have Problems Too

18 Jul

There are a lot of things that dogs and their owners have in common, such things as enjoying the outdoors, eating good meals, laying on the bed, taking naps and many more are such great examples of what you and your furry companion have in common. However, there is also one terribly sad things that a dog like a black german shepherd and us humans have in common, which is that we can both wind up getting sick at times. So, what we are going to be looking at here is a grand total of five different illnesses or conditions a dog can wind up getting, then what the symptoms of those conditions are so you can both recognize them and get your pal to the veterinarian as quickly as possible.

Condition #1: Ear Infections

This is something that both humans and dogs can get, but unlike us human beings, dogs need a little extra help when they get an ear infections. Signs that your black german shepherd has a potential ear infection are head shaking/tilting, ear odor, lots of scratching, unusual movements of the eyes, lack of balance, redness in the ear canal, swelling on the outside of the ears and bloody stools.

Condition #2: Worms

Worms are exactly what you think when it comes to this condition affecting your pet, as worms lodge themselves in your pets intestinal system while causing lots and lots of damage. Signs that your furry friend has worms includes diarrhea, weight loss, changes in appetite, rough or dry coat of skin, dog scooting his behind on the floor and a poor looking appearance.

Condition #3: Fleas

Of all the conditions that you will be reading about on this list, fleas may be the most common because just about every dog in the world will have fleas at some point in time. Signs that your dog has fleas includes excessive scratching or biting of the skin, hair loss, hot spots, allergic dermatitis, tapeworms and flea dirt on your dogs skin.

Condition #4: Vomiting

This is something that every dog who has ever lived will do at some point, which is dropping some vomit on the ground, whether outside or inside of a house. Some signs that your dog has a problem with vomiting includes abdominal heaving, drooling that is caused by nausea and not being able to hold down liquids or other food.

Condition #5: Diarrhea

The last one on our list here is probably the one of the list that us humans and our furry companions would have the biggest problem with. If your black german shepherd or other dog has a problem with diarrhea, those symptoms may include loose or watery like stool, because that is the only sign you will need to see if your dog has a problem.

As this piece winds down here, one last word of warning here, if your dog is experiencing any of these problems, you must consult a veterinarian as quickly as possible so that they can get the help they really need.