The Importance Of Dog Tags For Your Dogs

When you adopt or purchase a new pet, you want to make sure he has all of the important necessities.  Dog tags are definitely in this category.  There are a number of uses for tags, and different types of tags.

Why You Need Name Tags For Dogs

Custom Dog TagsEngraved dog tags can save your dog’s life.  One example is if he is injured in an accident or becomes ill when he is not with you.  Even if a person who finds the dog takes him to a vet, the vet may need to contact you before administering treatment.  Your phone number on the pet tag is essential when he needs emergency medical treatment.

Dog name tags can also save his life if he is lost and is picked up by an animal control officer.  When your number is prominently displayed on the custom dog tags, the officer can contact you immediately.  Your pet will not be mistaken for a stray, sent to an animal shelter, and risk being destroyed or adopted by someone else.

As stray animals are a serious problem in some areas, the town or city where you live may require pet owners to have pet id tags on their pets.  In addition to these other risks, dog id tags can help you avoid a fine.

There can be other situations in which a dog tag is required.  One example is if you take your pet on a plane.  While there are numerous requirements for flying with a pet, appropriate identification is one requirement.  You do not want to arrive at the airport and learn you must delay your traveling plans because he does not have pet tags on his collar.

Another reason you need id tags for dogs is if your dog becomes lost.  He could be permanently lost if the person who finds him does not know who he belongs to, and cannot contact you.  The person may choose to keep your pet for himself, or may turn him over to an animal shelter.  Whether he is found in another part of your city or many miles away from home, you may never see your dog again if he does not have a tag with your contact information on it.

All of these potential problems can be eliminated.  All you need to do is purchase an id tag.  Depending on the tag you choose, it can contain your telephone number, your address, and even your dog’s name.  You can have fewer worries about your dog, and prevent many heartbreaking complications.  Anyone who sees your dog will know who he is and how to get in touch with you.

Dog Tags For Pets Can Be Fun

While every pet needs engraved tags for identification and his own protection, there are other types of tags that are just for fun.  When you are planning to buy an id tag, consider a decorative tag, too.  He can easily wear both tags on his collar or harness.

Regardless of your dog’s size, age, breed, and personality, there is at least one decorative tag that is suitable for him.  Some of the many examples include tags displaying flowers, slogans, and other cute designs.  There are also decorative tags that let people know you are his pet parent, tags with American flags, and St. Francis protection tags.

Whether your furry friend is a tiny puppy, a huge dog, or somewhere in between, decorative pet tags can make owning a dog much more fun.  It is an easy way to add a bit of unique style to your pet’s life.  He will like it, and so will you.

Choosing Tags For Your Dog

When you buy a tag, you want to know it will suit its purpose.  Your first consideration is having a tag engraved.  You can start by browsing the wide selection of custom tags, and selecting the style you like the most.

Next, decide on the information you want the tag to include, and choose a tag that will accommodate this information.  This information will help someone know who you are and how to contact you if your dog becomes lost or injured.  It is also essential if you intend to take him on an airline.

However, if you are planning to buy a tag to meet a specific requirement, make sure you know which information is required before you choose your tag.  Your local animal control, or an airline, may require your name and address in addition to your phone number.  Find out the facts in advance so your tag is customized correctly.

The custom information is easy to read in any situation.  It can prevent fines and unnecessary tragedies, and make pet ownership simpler for you.

A decorative pet tag should be on your list of pet accessories, too.  While they are not intended to replace id tags, every dog should have one.

Think of your dog’s own unique personality, how much he means to you, or a statement you would like to make.  From a design-covered tag to tags with slogans, there is one that will show how special your pet is to you.  Think of how stylish he will look every time you take him out for a walk.  A decorative pet tag is an easy, inexpensive way for your dog to look cute and in style.

Both types of tags can be attached to his harness or collar.  When you are considering accessories for your new dog, dog tags are a good place to start.

You can find and order both id tags and decorative tags at dog. com.  It is one of the largest assortments of tags, so you can easily choose the tags that are right for your pet.

Tags will increase your dog’s safety in any situation, and be an attractive addition to his collar or harness.  Whether he is new in your life or he has lived with you for years, he should never be without a tag.  It is an accessory that every dog needs.