Choosing The Best Dog Leash For Your Dog

When you are looking for the best dog leashes, you have a number of options.  In order to make the best choice, you should consider your dog and his particular needs.

The Benefits Of Leather Dog Leads

Best Dog LeashesThere are a number of situations in which a leather dog leash is the best option.  One example is when your dog has not yet learned to walk on a leash, and is not yet familiar with your commands.  A leather leash provides the opportunity for these learning experiences.  As he will not be able to move far from you, he will learn to obey and cooperate.

A second example is when you are walking your dog through crowded areas, near busy streets, and other potentially dangerous environments.  For your dog’s safety, you need to restrict his ability to wander.  You can walk your dog in nearly any environment without concern for traffic, pedestrians, or any other issue that could lead to an accident.

The Benefits Of A Retractable Dog Leash

When your dog is well trained, and you are walking him in a safe environment, there are many benefits to a retractable leash.

Retractable leashes are more comfortable for your dog and for yourself. 

This type of leash allows the dog more freedom when he is with you outdoors.  He can move about more freely, sniff and play, and thoroughly enjoy his freedom.

The dog will not see a retractable leash as interfering with his freedom.  He can enjoy his walks much more, and have more fun.  He is also likely to be more cooperative without needing commands.

However, the retractable feature will help you keep the dog safe.  If he is moving too close to something dangerous, all you need to do is press the handle of his leash.  This can stop him from biting someone, eating something harmful, and ensure his safety in a variety of situations.

You have the ability to control the leash’s length, so it can be adjusted for different situations.  This feature is useful for you, as you can also adjust it to meet your personal preference and convenience.  As the leash does not have to be adjusted manually, it saves time, too.  It is easy to adjust his leash either before a walk or during the walk.

Dog Leads And An Outdoor Dog

There can be times when a dog needs to be outdoors without you.  Retractable dog leads are generally the best approach.  They are comfortable for the dog, ensure his safety, and are convenient for both you and your pet.

One example is when a dog needs to go outdoors to urinate.  If for some reason you do not want to go out with him, a retractable lead will allow him to do his business and come back inside while you hold the lead from inside your door or from your porch.

It can save time if you are busy, or do not want to put on a jacket to go outdoors with him.  Inclement weather or a busy schedule do not have to result in the dog having an accident on the floor.

A second example is when you have a dog house in your yard.  A retractable lead is as strong as a chain, but much more comfortable for your pet.  He can have fresh air and exercise, and you will not have to worry about him breaking free.  When he is on a strong retractable lead, he will be completely safe in your yard.  If you have a smaller yard, or do not have a dog house, it can also be useful when the dog has a tie out stake.

Choosing And Using Dog Leashes

If you have a new dog, or if he is not yet fully trained, you may want to consider buying both types of leashes.  Each type has some important benefits and purposes.

Training a dog can be less complicated and less frustrating when you have a leather dog leash.  He will be closer to you, have less freedom, and it will be easier to teach him to cooperate.  Training can be a better experience for both you and your pet.

After he is trained and cooperative, retractable leashes are appropriate for most situations.  Although you may still want to use a leather leash in some environments, the retractable alternative can make walking your dog and allowing him outdoors alone a safe, enjoyable experience.

An additional point to keep in mind is a dog needs to become accustomed to any type of leash.  He will only cooperate if he feels comfortable and secure.  If he has never been on a leash before, patience on your part can go a long way in helping him enjoy his new leash.

Even the smallest puppy, or the most unruly older dog, does not need to feel intimidated by a leash.  When you are patient, he will soon learn to look forward to going outdoors with you.

Training your new dog, or training an untrained older dog, does not have to be a difficult experience.  When you choose the best dog leash for each particular situation, you can have a pet who walks alongside you, cooperates when you give him commands, and makes you glad you have this wonderful companion.  The right leash can keep him safe, healthy, and active.

There are many different places where you can buy dog leads.  You should not take chances when it comes to your dog’s safety.  A product you find at a discount store or an unfamiliar online shop may not be the quality product you want.

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