How To Choose The Best Dog Harnesses

One of the first as well as most essential thing you will do for your dog is to purchase a pet harness. This is just as important as the right shoes you must wear when you go walking or jogging. Its purpose is to help to keep the dog secure while he is enjoying the world on the outside. Many pet lovers will browse among several different dog harnesses to find the one that will guarantee safety and comfort for their pet.

Best Dog HarnessesDog harnesses are not one style or size fit all dogs. Also, the right kind of pet harness will determine the type of relationship you have with your dog. It is essential that you have control of the dog while you take a walk to ensure that both dog and owner are safe and happy. An ideal pet harness is generally the one that offers the highest level of comfort. How quickly the dog adjust to it is another way to determine whether the harness for dogs is a good choice. However, it is challenging to decide on the best dog harnesses because there are so many of them on the market.

It is never advised to just choose one dog walking harness from among hundreds for your pet. This is because not all of them are safe or healthy for every dog. Also, some are designed to reduce pulling on a relaxing walk. These are referred to as back-clip harnesses. The leash ring is clipped to the back of the dog at the top. This is because the throats of small dogs, for example, are delicate and can become damaged easily by rough pulling. A no pull dog harness in this case would be the ideal choice.

There are others that are designed for dogs who do not pull the leash because they are trained not to. As such, there is no special design to resist pulling. These front-clip dog harnesses take no effort to put on and the pet will find it quite comfortable. However, you have to be careful when you use these types if the dog is known to have behavior problems. These types of dog harnesses are ideal for allowing your pet to be turned in a direction when required. However, this leash would be the wrong choice in case where the dog jump up in an aggressive manner or pull on the leash for any reason.

It is also important that you choose the harness for your dog seat belt to ensure maximum safety. Some products are simply eye-catching but will not hold your dog in place in the case of a sudden jolt. Look for the pet harness that is specially designed for the safety of pets while driving. Just like how you would reach for your seat belt to ensure your protection, the best harness for dogs should consistently keep the dog from being thrown around in case of an accident.

A small dog harness is created to ensure that your dog remain safe while you have control. A puppy harness should be different from a larger pet harness. These are generally padded and soft to keep the puppy safe but comfortable while you go on a walk. You can choose the best small dog harness from among the many styles and colors that are now on the market. Make sure it is one that the puppy can quickly adjust to.

Any dog with weight under 20 pounds as an adult is considered to be a small dog. The best dog harness for a small dog is one which is secured around the rib cage and chest of your pet. These types are also ideal for flat-nosed dogs such as Pekingese and Pug. These types are also ideal for those pets with windpipes that are delicate such as Chihuahua or Terrier or have spine or neck issues. If tension is placed on trachea and throat of these dogs, irritation may occur as well as choking and coughing and may even result in the trachea collapsing. The neck is relieved from potentially damaging pressure from the leash when the harness that straps unto the chest of the dog is used.

An easy walk harness is known to do what it promises to do. Even a strong dog is not able to pull its owner very hard on a walk. Buyers of this product report that it is easy to adjust and is durable. The right size will fit correctly. However, you may encounter some difficulty adjusting it if the size you buy is not the right size for your pet. Ensure that you use a reliable sizing chart to decide on one.

If you are looking for guaranteed quality and durability, the best choice would be leather dog harness. Genuine leather is strong. This means that you, not your pet, will not be in control. You get to keep your pet in check while allowing him to improve natural skills. It is also built to offer comfort and they come in many different styles to make your pet look classy.

A dog harness vest is generally designed to keep the dog comfortable in any type of weather. Some are designed to store cool water to keep the pet’s coat cool when the time is hot. If done the right way, the dog should show no sign of wearing out or heat exhaustion when out in the sun. Others are created to keep your pet warm in cold weather. Choose the dog harness vest carefully to ensure maximum comfort and minimum danger, especially during the hot season.

There are several reasons you may decide to purchase a pet harness. These include:
• anti-pulling
• pulling
• daily walking or running
• dog identification
• guide and assistance duties
• rehabilitation following surgery
• tracking
• training
• walking with an impressive look
• warming a pet’s body during winter

When in search of the best dog harness for your pet and not clear on what you should be looking for, you can start by deciding which one of reasons listen above why you need the pet harness.